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Popular Configurations for Flexo Packaging Printers


Heat-treated blue carbon steel and a 30 bevel give the Bluestar durability, stability and a clean, crisp wipe.

Thickness (mm) Tip
Width (mm)
0.150 0.060 20-80
0.200 0.060 20-80
0.250 0.060 20-80
  • The tip design promotes stiffness whilst retaining a small contact area
  • Great for short-run Flexo HD
  • Low cost
Bluestar Doctor Blades
Durapro plasic Blades


Retainment Blade for Flexographic printing.

  • Available with a 450 bevel
  • Suitable for abrasive inks including corrugated cardboard printing
  • Long service life for fewer stoppages
  • Solvent-resistant
  • Available in widths 20-50mm, in 5mm increments
  • Available in thicknesses: 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.52mm, 2mm


The corrosion resistant Goldstar coating provides dramatically increased durability and print quality due to low friction and self lubrication effect.

Thickness (mm) Tip
Width (mm)
0.150 0.080 10-70
0.200 0.080 10-70
0.250 0.080 10-70
0.300 0.080 10-70
0.400 0.080 10-70
  • Extremely high service life with solvent-based inks
  • Very gentle on anilox roller thanks to additional soft coating
  • Suitable for very abrasive inks and lacquers
Goldstar Coated Doctor Blades
Duralife Coated Doctor Blades


The Duralife coating was developed for Flexo applications to reduce score lines and enhance Blade and Anilox roller life. Great for abrasive inks such as TiO2 white, metallic or pearlecent inks.

Thickness (mm) Tip
Width (mm)
0.150 0.075 10-80
0.200 0.125 10-80
0.250 0.125 10-80
0.300 0.125 10-80
  • A step up in durability from Longlife
  • Suitable for abrasive and metallic inks
  • Superb print quality with large and hard ink pigments