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DotScope Mini 3D Microscope

3D Insight into Quality & Performance

Increase your efficiency, increase your profit with accurate DotScope data.

With universal software, users can switch between measuring anilox, gravure cells, flexo plates, perforations, tactile print and more. The user interface is intuitive, simple and easily learned and there is no calibration or configuration required before each use, DotScope is always ready to go!

  • Accurate and repeatable data
  • DotScope remains in focus when moved
  • Scans can be taken and saved at the push of a button
  • Cells can be dimensioned with one mouse click
  • Easy and accurate roll/ cylinder management
  • Optimisation of processes, such as cleaning
  • Increased productivity, decreased waste
  • In 3D the accuracy is to 0.05cc in depth
  • Scans are repeatable, and not dependant on the operator
  • Perfect data preparation for your daily production
  • Very low total cost of ownership

DotScope Mini is fully loaded as standard and ideal for:

DotScope Scans

DotScope Scans

Download DotScope Brochures:

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