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Special Applications: Synthetic and squeegee Blades

Synthetic and rubber tipped blades

Stainess Steel paired with rubber and synthetic tips for both Narrow and Wide Web.

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Rubber and synthetic squeegee tips for screen printing
  • Other areas of application include wallpaper, security and textile printing
  • Available in different Shore hardnesses and corner radius
Synthetic and Rubber tipped Doctor Blades
Squeegee Blades

squeegee blades for screen printing

Our Screen printing squeegees are available in a range of hardness levels, compounds and profiles. They cover the breadth of printing applications including: printed electronics, graphics, textiles, glass, optical media, bottles and containers.

  • Extremely low chemical absorption from modern ink systems
  • Ultra sharp printing edge that provides quality and accuracy
  • Exeptional abrasion resistance
  • Industry leading tight dimentional tolerances