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MDC End Seals

MDC End Seals for chambered doctor blade systems

High quality End Seals are vitally important in extending Doctor Blade life. They reduce ink wastage due to leakage and help eliminate score lines and impression marks made on Anilox Rollers.

MDC Merino End Seals
Our Merino End Seals are manufactured to very tight tolerances, making it an ideal solution for the ever-exacting nature of Flexo printing. They are food safe and are tailor-made to fit your chamber exactly. Their integral thermo-plastic resin is slow released to the surface contact point between the End Seal and the Anilox Roller providing a seamless, lubricating, impenetrable membrane in which the Anilox is allowed to ride.

Daetwyler End Seals

MDC Foam End Seals
Our foam End Seals come in two grades of foam, MDC Standard and MDC Super. In many cases the Standard seal is all you’ll ever need, particularly if you change your Doctor Blades frequently. But for those more demanding jobs our premium, Super seal can cope with the toughest of conditions.

Daetwyler End Seals

Custom Service
In order to supply you the correct seal for your press we can match like-for-like from a sample or drawing of the seal. Or if you prefer, we can send you our End Seal brochure containg over 70 scale drawings so you can find a match yourself. We stock many common End Seal types and offer a fast turnaround on the custom manufacturing of the ones we don’t.