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MDC Anilox Cleaner

MDC Anilox Cleaner for your chrome and ceramic rollers

MDC Anilox Cleaner is the perfect cleaning solution

A gentle yet effective deep clean for all chrome and ceramic rollers. The MDC Anilox Cleaner removes tough stains left by all current types of ink and lacquer. Reduces machine downtime and is VOC-free.


  • Effective and gentle deep cleaning of all anilox rollers and gravure cylinders
  • Removes stubborn stains of all usual types of inks and lacquers
  • For solvent inks, UV inks and water based inks
  • Reduced press down times
  • Good value and fast application
  • No foam formation when washing off
  • No VOC taxes
  • Suitable for food packaging printing


  • Coat the anilox roller or gravure cylinder with MDC Anilox Cleaner
  • Application time 10 to 15 minutes
  • Wash off with water
  • Storage life at least 2 years

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